Welcome to Private Relations, Public Communications– a modge podge of Jenna Levy’s design, technology, marketing and social media thoughts and muses. This blog is inactive as of 6/18/11. Feel free to check out Marketing Conversation, Abraham Harrison‘s homebase for everything under the marketing umbrella, and Jenna’s newest “big girl” project. You are also welcome to check out Jenna’s Linkedin, where you can read about her professional experiences in the PR and marketing industries.

A little bit about Jenna…

I graduated from the University of Oregon in June 2011 with degrees in Journalism: PR and Business Administration. I love the science of communication, good conversation, and tying the two together. Random facts about me- At some point I WILL reside in Napa and work for the wine industry. I get really excited when I discover a great underground hip hop song. I become irked when it’s blasted all over the radio. I grew up in Europe and I love learning about other cultures and their histories. My favorites are Greece and England. Dance has always been a big part of my life and will continue to be until my body does not allow such things. My goal is to own and manage a wine/cupcake bar. My other interests include college football, fashion, music, photography and cupcakes. Yes, cupcakes.

Contact Jenna:

Twitter- @jenna_levy
Email- jenna.m.levy@gmail.com
LinkedIn- Jenna Levy 



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